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 Learn to sculpt a head, hands and legs in paperclay in step by step. A pattern for the cloth body and assembly instructions are also part of the lessons. Printable templates are also included

 Boudoir Dolls $65 plus S&H
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Learn all it takes to create soft sculpture characters over a cage work armature. Lessons cover building the armature, padding out the figure, adding detail shapes, skinning, needle modeling and finishing the figures.


 Creatures & Characters $65 plus S&H
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 This is a step by step digital manual on the process I use to make human armatures for soft sculpture. Over 200 color photos with a quick reference booklet are included with the CD.

Armature for Soft Sculpture $35 (US) plus S&H.

This comprehensive digital manual guide you through every step of making a head in the supported soft sculpture method. Over 800 color pictures with instuctional text provide you with all the basics to creating an expressive face; from carving the skull to tinting the finished face.

Soft Sculpting a Head is $65 plus S&H

Avaiable Now

4" x 4" x 4" foam block
for skull base
$5.00 plus S&H


Explore Supported Soft Sculpture at a beginning level. The Man in the Moon digital lesson CD will guide you through the steps to create a simple soft sculpture face, including how to make inset eyes for this face.

Man in the Moon Digital Lessons $60




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